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GIVEAWAY (Application Closed)
GANSAI TAMBI 100 Color set

POST and GET the products!

​■Entries Period

By October 31, 2022


■Post to


■How to apply

1. Post any artwork drawn using Kuretake products on Instagram or Twitter (or both!)

2. Use the hashtag #kuretakeinktober2022_giveaway

3. Describe which you used

4. Follow Kuretake on Instagram or Twitter, either at @kuretakejapan or @kuretakezig_usa

5. Repeat the process throughout the month of October to increase your chances of winning!

120th Anniversary Products(Limited Edition)


This is a limited release set that includes all 100 colors of Gansai Tambi packaged beautifully in a wooden box. The box is designed with flower and plant embellishments, which are common motifs used in Japanese paintings. The box is compact and easy to use, and is recommended as a gift item.

Designed with flower and plant embellishments
Includes all 100 colors
Color swatch paper is included
The large pan
beautiful, brilliant colors
Enjoy painting!

​Inktober PERFECT CHALLENGE (Application Closed)

If you use Kuretake products and post your artwork with the hashtag #Inktober_PerfectChallenge and participate in Inktober every day, you may receive products based on the number of consecutive days you post!! We look forward to your participation!

(1) Those who participated for 10 days
Five winners will receive Inktober2022 limited edition products.

(2) Those who participated for 20 days
Five winners will receive Inktober2022 limited edition products and a set of recommended pens.

(3) Those who participated for a month
10 winners will receive Inktober2022 limited edition products and a recommended luxury pen set & all applicants will be listed on our official Kuretake x Inktober Special website!


Product giveaways are only for Japan and the U.S.

As for (3), listing all entrants on the website, we will include all entries from any country.


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