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Kuretake × Inktober

Official Collaboration Artist

Bryce Kho

Ueda RokuRoku


“Goshuin” are hand-written seals that serve as a kind of proof that you have visited a specific temple or shrine. Typically, the names of shrines and temples, the names of the principal idols or gods, and the dates of the visit are written in sumi ink.

Kannon-Temple, which is located in Aichi, is a famous temple because of the unique Goshuin! The chief priest draws the Buddhist gods in such an intricate, beautiful way that many people visit to the temple to receive one.  Using our Sumi ink stick and brush pens, they draw beautiful Buddhist gods for Inktober, as well.

SUMIE as well as SUIBOKUGA was originally from China and was introduced to Japan 700-800 years ago during what was called the Kamakura period. The appeal of this painting style is the free expression of fluid lines and shades of Sumi (ink). In the monochrome world, which is drawn only with Sumi (ink) and water, traditional beauty and a novel sensation coexist.  NIPPON SUIBOKUGA Association participated in Inktober using Kuretake Sumi (ink) and brush pen.


Artwork created by Kuretake products



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