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Since our founding in 1902, we have been involved in the development of a wide range of products with a strong concentration on ink and Japanese calligraphy tools; among them, the "Fudepen". Developed in 1973, the "Fudepen" is a representative product that pursues superior writing comfort and is manufactured in around 1000 different ways. We have been manufacturing cosmetic containers by applying the same technology used to manufacture brush pens. The technology utilized by Kuretake is excellent, especially for ink and lead matching. All aspects of the manufacturing process, from design through to production, are carried out in-house, which enables us to respond swiftly and competently to all customer demands.

Development and manufacturing of cosmetic products using brush pen technology



Safety and Security

We use safe and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods to develop high-quality products that meet our customers' demands. Kuretake is committed to delivery our products at the best price and on time.

Response to Quality Requirements

Equipment management, raw material management, work procedures, hygiene management, etc, are all maintained and produced in accordance with the cosmetics GMP guidelines set by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association.; In addition, we respond quickly to global demands. Kuretake has obtained the "license to manufacture and sell cosmetics" as well as "license to manufacture cosmetics".



Using our technology and experience in creating brush pens, we propose a variety of uses and applications made possible by  our development of high-precision eyeliner containers. Feel free to consult with us regarding the length of the brush tip, firmness of the brush, new product R&D based on specific concepts, and the development of new containers to meet your needs.

Liquid Type Eyeliner

(Direct ink supply)


Various Tip Type


The area we focused, and continue to focus on, is the brush tip. We offer brushes with standard thicknesses, flat brushes that make it easy to draw various styles, and ultra-fine brushes that are also quite useful for drawing artful lines. We also offer a wide range of brush and tip (felt)-type shapes.

Original Bulk Colors





We develop and product bulk formulations in-house.



Hot stamp


Silk screen

It depends on the specifications of the product, so please contact us for details.








First, we will ask you about your desired product image. We will confirm information required for product development including the product concept, target, your desired specifications, and packaging.


Product design and development

We will consider specific product designs as per your requests. For container design, the overall image is confirmed using CAD drawings and 3D models. For bulk design, we perform lab-level prototyping.


Confirmation of prototype

Please use the prototype samples (including the 3D models, prototype bulk, etc.) to make sure that the product is being designed according to your intentions. We will design another prototype if the overall image does not match what you had in mind.


Confirmation of shipping specifications

We will confirm the final product specifications, such as any decorations made on the product, individual packaging and packing specifications. 


Quotation and Order finalization

We will present the final quotation after all product and shipping specifications have been finalized. Following this, we form a contract and your order is placed.



Mass production of your product begins, based on the prototype that you have approved. For specially designed products, we will send you a mass-produced sample before the initial mass-produced product is shipped. 



After our quality inspections of the manufactured products are completed, your products will be shipped to the designated place of delivery by the delivery date.



Q    Do you provide containers only?

A Yes, we do.

  How large is a lot?

A We can accept from 3000 or more, but it depends on the product and specifications. Please contact us with each case for a proper estimate.

Q    What is the delivery lead time?

A  Delivery lead time depends on the product and specifications, so please contact us with each case for a proper estimate.

Q    What types of designs are available?

A In addition to hot stamping and silk printing, transfer printing is also possible in the case of a large quantity order. Please contact us for detailers, as designs vary depending on product and specifications.

Q    Are there any points that need to be prepared or noted for trading?

A We may not be able to respond due to customer regulations, so please contact us each time.

Q    Can samples be provided?

A Yes, we can provide samples.

Q    Can drawings and/or standards be provided?

A After concluding a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we can provide assembly drawings, but do not provide detailed drawings. We will exchange standards after the order is confirmed. 

Q    What are your product safety measures?

A The content liquid uses raw materials that can be used in cosmetics. If necessary, we can also check the safety by performing patch tests, etc,.

Q    Can the liquid content be customized?

A A stability test should be conducted, but it is possible.

  If we supply the liquid content, can you manage the filling/assembly?

A After conducting a test to confirm the compatibility of the supplied liquid and our container, and no problems are discovered, it is possible.

Q    Do you sell only the content ink?

A Yes, we do.

Q    What is the production capacity?

A It depends on the product and specifications, so please contact us with each case. 

Q    Is the product made in Japan?

A Excluding some parts, it is manufactured in Japan.

Q    Do you have ISO22716 (cosmetics GMP)?

A Although it has not been acquired, the products are produced at a factory that complies with the cosmetics GMP guidelines set by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association.

Q    Is it possible to tour the factory?

A It is possible to tour the factory during mass production.

Q    Is there a cost for trial production?

A Prototypes that are premised on this production are basically no cost, but if the necessary quantity is potentially large, costs may be incurred

Q    Can I supply raw materials?

A Raw materials that can be used in cosmetics is limited and therefore performing stability tests may not be possible. Please submit the SDS / TDS of the raw material to be provided

Q    Can I supply containers?

A Raw materials that can be used in cosmetics is limited and therefore performing stability tests may not be possible. Please submit the SDS / TDS of the raw material to be provided

Q    Can you keep the supplied bulk, raw materials, containers, and other materials?

A Generally, we do not keep them. We will return them after production.

Q    Is it possible to manufacture a special container?

A Yes, we do. We also suggest commercialization by combining parts.

Q    What products can be manufactured?

A We are skilled at manufacturing liquid eyeliner.



Please fill out the following to inquire with us as shown below regarding cosmetic products.

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