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We will assist you in the development of your original pen or marker.

Why Choose Kuretake for OEM?

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer Products

Kuretake offers OEM services, developing and manufacturing private labels while maintaining the same
high-standards and quality that are consistent with our own branded products.
In addition to changes to our products' packaging, we also provide consultations regarding development
from scratch.
We want to create products for your brand together with you.

Why Choose Kuretake for OEM?

Development can start with pen-shaped containers and ink.
Taking advantage of the experience gained through developing various pens for decades, we will create the best proposal to complete your request.

You can use our accomplished ink and pen containers to make products to your specification.
You can create high-quality products without exhausting your time or money.

Continuous support and collaboration – planning, execution, delivery and on-going service.

ACMI-certified High Safety approval rating.


Quality Control following ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certified.


Made in Japan – High quality products made in our own factories, no outsourcing .


Main products for OEM


Ideal for all-purpose use such as drawing, sketching, lettering, journaling and more! 

MSRP (When compared to a similar item/ For Reference only)  : US$2.45


Select a tip size.


Select the ink color.


Elect to change the color of the pen barrel and/or cap.


You can choose to include clips or not. Various types of clip are available.


You can print your own design on the pen.

*Depending on the combination of tip and ink, it may take some time to confirm that there are no problems with the final product.

Color Brush Pen (Water-based Dye ink)

Great for illustrating and sketching. 
Brush tip makes it easy to create both narrow and wide lines.

MSRP (When compared to a similar item/ For Reference only) : US$1.96


Select the ink color.


Elect to change the color of the pen barrel and/or cap.

You can print your own design on the pen.

Fude Pen (Brush Pen)

Kuretake launched its first FUDE-PEN (brush pen) in 1973, continuing to expand the line with each product having unique features for a variety of use.


Available tip styles include: Hard Brush tip, Soft Brush tip, and Brush tip.


Ideal for brush lettering, illustration, outlining and more.

Chalk Marker

Perfect for decorating boards and windows and can also be used on various surfaces.

Please see below for product details and additional products.

Flow of OEM


First, we will ask you about your desired product image.
We will confirm information required for product development including the product concept, target, your desired specifications, and packaging.


We will provide a quotation according to your requirements.

Sample submission
Order finalization
Finishing touches / inspection

There are various kinds of tip sizes.


Ink types include those are erasable with water, and types are resistant to water.

Why Choose Kuretake for OEM?
Main products for OEM
Flow of OEM
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