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  • Where are ZIG products manufactured?
    All ZIG products are manufactured in Nara, Japan.
  • What does "AP seal" on products mean? "
    The products with AP seal conform to ASTM D 4236. This means that the products bearing AP Approval Product Seal of ACMI are certified in a program of toxicological evaluation by a medical expert to contain NO materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans or to cause acute or chronic health problems. ACMI = The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc., U.S.A.
  • What are the main differences in ink characters between "Dye" and "Pigment"?"
    Dye ………….Brilliant colors, Wide color variation, Water soluble Pigment……...Fade resistance, Water resistance.
  • What is the main difference between POSTERMAN and POSTERMAN Wet Wipe?
    POSTERMAN…………………Water resistant ink after drying POSTERMAN Wet Wipe…......Wet erasable
  • Is there NO problem to pour any other liquid (Non-Water) in a barrel of ZIG WATERCOLOR SYSTEM BrusH2O?
    BrusH2O is designed only for WATER so please DO NOT pour the other liquid in it. If the other liquid should be poured there, it would not be flowed into the brush properly.
  • What are the main ingredients of ZIG MEMORY SYSTEM 2 Way Glue?
    Acrylic emulsion and Water.
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