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Electro-conductive ink

Electro-conductive ink

Electro-conductive ink, made by the carbon black dispersion professionals

About electro-conductive ink

Over 200 years have passed since the capacitor was developed, and since then many different shapes of capacitors have been developed. Capacitors are becoming smaller and more sophisticated in functionality as their applications expand. Despite their small size, these components play their part in storing and releasing electricity. Electro-conductive ink is necessary for capacitors to function. The dispersion of electro-conductive materials into fine particles is what allows capacitors to work properly. Carbon black is used as an electro-conductive material. We use the carbon dispersion technology that we have gained through creating sumi ink, in electro-conductive ink applications for products outside of capacitors as well.

electro-conductive ink

Product Specification

Note 1:

The conductivity, adhesion and other properties will vary with the base material, film thickness and other characteristics of the material used. We ask that you evaluate these materials at your company. 

Note 2:

Only representative products are listed. We also develop products with different conductive materials according to customer needs. Please feel free to inquire with us. 

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