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Snow melting agent "SR BLACK"

What is "SR BLACK"?

Simple, safe and environmentally-friendly liquid snow melting agent


Since it is in liquid form, our product can be easily sprayed evenly over a surface! Ordinary sprayers can be used as well. This product is optimal for huge golf courses and farmland.


No problems with root burn, or effects on the germination of lawns and crops!

Environmentally friendly

No environmental impact on soil, metal, concrete and similar materials! Carbon black (the same raw material as sumi ink) is used to absorb light and convert it to heat, melting the snow in a way that won’t hurt the environment.
(Note: Snow melting water may turn black, depending on the spraying concentration.)

Why use liquid?

Powder-based melting agents scatter into the atmosphere when sprayed. Also, the clumps produced by these agents need to be loosened, in order for the agent to be sprayed evenly. On the other hand, liquid snow melting agent can be sprayed at the concentration you desire, according to the quality and amount of snow. Further, our product can be easily and evenly sprayed, as it uses a sprayer.



The characteristics of "SR BLACK"

  • The main ingredient used is carbon black, the same as used in sumi ink.

  • A liquid snow melting agent that’s like no other. 

  • Uses a black color that easily absorbs light. Excellent conversion efficiency into heat!

  • Works most effectively in sunny places!

  • Can be used safely and trouble-free on lawns and plants. Does not cause root burn problems or influence germination.

How to Use

  1. Dilute "SR BLACK" in a suitable concentration with water. After mixing well, spray on a snow-covered surface.

  2. When the sun is out, the snow melting effect can be seen.

  3. Disperses ultra-fine particles, which can be used with general-purpose sprayers.

Note 1: The concentration and amount of product to be sprayed can be adjusted, based on the amount of snow and climate conditions. 

Note 2: If the amount of product sprayed is the same, a higher concentration will melt more snow, but the melted snow may become black.

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