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Using 5 basic colors  (Transparent / Yellow / Pink / Blue / Gray)  use this kit to make your own original ink.

The empty pen container "Karappo-pen" is included in this kit, which you can use to make your own original pen with the ink created.


 Select a base color out of 5 basic colors.


Add other colors to the toning cup little by little.

Using the "Ink Recipe" as a reference, let's try making your favorite ink color.


Inks can be made at any ratio using the toning cup included in the kit or any measuring equipments.

With the toning cup, you can mix up to 20ml of ink.


Mix the ink well with the stir stick, checking and adjusting the color as you stir.

The color changes even with a small amount of ink.

Mix little by little, checking the color as you go.


You've made an original ink! 

The ink you've created can be used to fill the Karappo-pen, or you can use the ink with a glass pen, or dip pen.

     ▼How to make Karappo-pen


* The amount of ink required to fill the Karappo-pen is approximately 2-2.5 ml.

Please refer to the 1st scale (2.5ml) of the toning cup.

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