Empty container to use when making pens with your favorite color ink.

How to make a pen

(1)Insert one end of the ink reservoir into the ink container.

(2)Insert the ink reservoir into the body.

(3)Insert the end plug into the body.



Fine Brush

 Please note

●Please use the ink you previously created in the "ink-café activity" and/or "ink-café at home" by Kuretake.

●Due to the nature of the material, ink colors created and those dispensed by the pen may be different.

●If you use ink other than those created with "ink-café" by Kuretake, there is a possibility that the ink will not flow smoothly through the pen tip, result in blockage, etc.

●Once the end plug is inserted firmly, it cannot be removed. The ink inside is disposable and non-refillable.


Product Information

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